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The Best CrossFit Training Shoes

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 Almost every sport has specific footwear that increases an athlete’s performance while decreasing the chances of injury. There are tons of shoes made for fitness and training, and the list is growing each day. Big name apparel manufacturers such as Nike, Reebok, and New Balance are producing special shoes for every thing from running, power lifting, and olympic lifting, to cycling and yes, even CrossFit. 

There are also a number of smaller niche manufacturers coming onto the scene that are providing really high quality kicks at affordable prices, such as NOBULL. With all these options though, it can be confusing deciding what is appropriate for your training needs and personal goals. 

Running and CrossFit Shoes
A running shoe, on the left, has a cushioned sole; CrossFit shoes (Nike Metcon 2 pictured on the right) have a more firm sole for increased support

One things for sure, there can be massive differences between even similar shoes. That’s where having a Coach can be helpful outside of just training recommendations and form corrections. 
All of our coaches at CrossFit Little Creek are experienced with the purposes and proper use of all the different types of training shoes on the market today. They can even recommend a proper shoe based on your individual foot characteristics, i.e. The metcon runs true to size and is suitable for running, where as the nano 6 has a large toe box, but is ideal for movements needing a more rugged shoe, such as burpee a and rope climbs.
Need help deciding which option is best for you? Feel free to sign up for a class with us so we can discuss your goals and help you grab the best shoes to ensure your success. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.