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Stop The Self-Sabotage

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“Stop The Self-Sabotage” is a three part series on common mistakes that can decimate your efforts to get fit

Part 1- Be Consistent

Consistency. You have to show up. It is the most important factor in determining how much success you will achieve in the gym. If you aren’t training enough and making your results a priority, there is no special programming, awesome coaching, or super-high level of workout intensity that is going to get you to your desired destination. Worse yet, you could actually injure yourself trying to make up for missed workouts by over-training when you do make it in. It takes time to become a good, safe, and efficient mover, at which point intensity can be safely increased. This is the point at which real results will start to emerge, because intensity (found in CrossFit by moving large loads over long distances quickly)  is what provides the real stimulus for increasing the thresholds of your capabilities and changing your body composition.

Now let’s define consistency.  Is it two, maybe three times a week? Is it training twice a day? The proper amount is going to be unique to each individual and where they are in their fitness journey. When you are just starting out with CrossFit Little Creek, we recommend working out twice a week until you have had time to feel out exactly how much recovery time you will need after a high-intensity CrossFit class.


No piece of equipment will work without being used enough.

Once you are comfortable and have identified how your body reacts to CrossFit style workouts, typically within 2-3 weeks, we recommend transitioning into no less than three classes per week in order to ensure adequate amounts of training volume to realize tangible results. This equates to 2-3 hours out of your week. Can you find three hours during your week to invest in yourself? How much time do you spend on Social Media each day? How much time do you spend catching up on the newest episode of your favorite TV series? Could you wake up an hour earlier just a couple times a week? Believe it or not, when you make it a priority to train, finding time to increase from 2 to 3, and then on to 4 or 5 sessions per week gets easier and easier… and more enjoyable too!

The idea is to make the gym a habit, something you do as part of your routine. Start by put it on your reminder, to-do list, or daily planner. It has to be a top priority, otherwise something “more pressing” will always be available to suddenly keep you from making it happen. Once it has become a routine part of your day however, it is much easier to have fitness become a permanent part of your life. It will be second nature, and will feel amiss when you aren’t able to make it in for your daily dose of sweaty effort.

Need a little more help taking your gym time from a chore to a habit? Check out these tips:

  • Schedule your workout. Set reminders and mark it on your to-do list, just as you would any other important obligation.
  • Show up. Even if you feel tired or you are having a rough day and your motivation is in the gutter. Take the class one part at a time. If things don’t get better, you can always stop, but only if you get started to begin with. Plus, misery loves company… everyone else may be having the same type of day as you and you can help each other feel better!
  • Don’t make excuses. Even if only in your head. Just don’t do it. It is a slippery slope to climb out of, and is the exact opposite of the habit we are trying to build. If it is really that bad, the hour you are going to spend in the gym probably won’t solve it, but it could clear your head and help you deal with it afterwards. (obviously there are sometimes time pressing matters that can’t be ignored… use your best judgement)
  • Train with a friend. Having a training partner, or “swole mate” is known to increase success in the gym. Not only can the help keep you accountable, but friends and family also make it a more enjoyable experience all around. Don’t have a friend who enjoys working out? That’s OK… our friendly community at CrossFit Little Creek won’t let you stay solo for long.
  • Keep track of your progress and attendance. We do this with our performance tracking software Wodify, which makes it easy since every athlete gets access via their smartphone, but journals and social media timelines work just as well. Attendance is one of the first things we assess when reviewing goals and results for our athletes, and it really helps keep people accountable.
  • Post your results. Tell everyone how you did. We again do this via the whiteboard and social components of our tracking software Wodify, but Social Media works just as well. This can help garner support for your efforts, as well as encouragement when you are struggling stay consistent. It may even help you find a partner or training friend as mentioned before. All of your training friends and coaches will begin expecting to see your results, and then, if you should happen to go MIA, they can help get you back on track.
  • Recognize Your Achievements. If you set a goal to make three classes per week, and you did so, then take a moment (or even a meal) and reward your efforts. Enjoy the benefits of your hard work… and then set a new goal so you keep advancing along on your journey to better fitness and a healthier you!

    Reward yourself… even if it is just a quick ring of the PR bell!

Check back soon for our part 2 of our three part “Stop The Self-Sabotage” series, “Are You Sleeping?”

Or if you are interested in checking out a how we keep our athletes consistent at CrossFit Little Creek, CLICK HERE to come check out a class and discuss your fitness goals.