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Our May Athlete Spotlight is on… Cline Reasor!

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CLINE REASOR joined CrossFit Little Creek in June of 2014 with some previous CrossFit experience. He is a die-hard 5:30 am class attendee with super consistent attendance (he has attended over 400 classes!) At CrossFit Little Creek, we aim to develop movement mechanics, ensure consistency of performance, and increase intensity to increase general physical preparedness (our ability and readiness in completing life’s daily task, whatever they may be) Cline is certainly on the road to mastery of all three! Here is some more insight into the awesome athlete and man that is Cline Reasor in his own words:

Name: Cline Reasor 

Occupation: Financial Advisor 

CrossFitting since: Spring 2012 (off and on until I joined CFLC in 2014)
First memorable experience: I did “Karen” during my first week at CFLC and I hadn’t exercised for 3 or 4 months leading up to that week. Like any guy with a big ego, I remembered my “good ol” days and attacked the workout. I could barely walk up the stairs for the next 3 days – seriously (and my time sucked).
Fitness Experience: I’ve bounced around over the years. Between high school and college I competed in cross-country, swimming, tennis, cycling, triathlon, and boxing. I’ve always enjoyed weightlifting and running. Clearly the variety of CrossFit is attractive to me!
Favorite WOD: Murph
Favorite lift: Overhead Squat
Least favorite WOD: Anything with pistols
Favorite movement: Pull-ups
Why I do CrossFit: LOTS of reasons but the main ones are improved fitness and health, the variety of workouts, and the community (particularly CFLC athletes).
Favorite cheat meal: Cheeseburger and fries (with a side of ranch)
CrossFit secret advice: Just get to the next movement…
On rest days: I don’t plan rest days anymore since life seems to plan them for me. Brandon knows my rules. If I have to get up with a child 2+ times in the middle of the night or I get less than 6 hours of sleep then I’m not coming. Rest days mean I’m in a coffee “loading phase” all day and hoping to get to bed a little earlier that night.
Most proud of: I did “Grace” this morning in less than half the time it took me 3 years ago – I’m encouraged to look back over my progress and thankful to CFLC for always supporting me.
One goal I’m working on: To be able to physically dominate my daughters’ 20-year-old boyfriends when I’m 50. I’ll be in my front yard with a scowl doing “Grace” when they pull up to the house…


If you too are interested in starting your CrossFit journey, come check us out for a free session RIGHT HERE in Norfolk, Virginia!