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Our April Athlete Spotlight is on… Anjani Kelm!

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ANJANI KELM joined CrossFit Little Creek last September with no previous CrossFit experience. She’s been very consistent in the gym, loves sharing CrossFit with friends, and has her eyes set on some great goals. When it comes to CrossFit, you will be faced with a different challenge each and every day that will help you grow mentally and physically. An often under-appreciated part of the success equation however, is the encouragement and accountability provided by fellow athletes. Anjani has become one of the pillars of our supportive athlete community at CrossFit Little Creek here in Norfolk, Virginia. Here are some more fun facts about our April Athlete Spotlight, Anjani!

Name: Anjani Kelm 
Occupation: Independent Contractor for eFoodHandlers & eAlcoholServers
CrossFitting since: Septemeber 26th 2016
First memorable experience: Day 1: 4- Rounds of Max Effort 800 Meter Sprints for Time. I live a few blocks away from the gym and during the runs I kept thinking “Maybe I should just run home. They might not notice if I didn’t come back for the next round.” I was by far the slowest person in that class. But every time someone passed me they would give me a high-five or a few words of encouragement. It was that support that made me keep going and want to come back on day 2!
Fitness Experience: Growing up I mainly participated in competitive cheerleading. Then in college I tried my hand at collegiate rowing for a bit. Years later, once we moved to VA I picked up crew once again. However, as of the last 6 months I’ve solely been practicing CrossFit and loving every minute of it.
Favorite WOD: Any WOD that has a dynamic mix of cardio, lifting and gymnastic movements! 17.4 was kind of my jam.
Favorite lift: Push Jerk


Least favorite WOD: Anything with overhead lunges.
Favorite movement: Erg sprint! (preferably under 500m please)
Why I do CrossFit: I do CrossFit because it’s challenging. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me achieve goals I never thought were possible (Hello Rope Climb!). It’s given me some of the most supportive and caring friends I’ve ever known. As well as taught me to look at, appreciate and measure my body in terms of what it CAN do and achieve, instead of hyper-focusing on where it may be lacking or need improvement.
Favorite cheat meal: Pineapple Pizza and Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears!
CrossFit secret advice: Stay positive and don’t be afraid to cheer on your fellow gym mates. Encouraging others will secretly push and motivate you to do even better!
On rest days: I’m either extremely productive and running a million errands. Or I’m posted up on my couch with a pot of coffee binge watching HGTV / Discovery with my husband and Corgi.
Most proud of: My first rope climb. After 5 + months of failed attempts, I finally was able to get my (not so small) self up the rope! I left the gym with the world’s biggest grin on my face. Pretty sure that cloud nine feeling didn’t wear off for about a week.
One goal I’m working on: My first unassisted pull-up.


Congratulations and great work Anjani!

If you too are interested in starting your CrossFit journey, come check us out for a free session RIGHT HERE in Norfolk, Virginia!