Ad Astra Per Aspera

"To the stars through difficulties"

Driven by passion, proven with results.

CrossFit Little Creek is Norfolk’s premier functional fitness and CrossFit training facility.

Train like an athlete and develop explosive power and engine-like endurance. Build lean muscle, shed unwanted fat, and find the fitness of a lifetime. By harnessing the training methods of various sports utilized by the highest level athletes and making it accessible and sustainable for the everyday athlete, we create the most potent and effective fitness program around.

Every workout at CrossFit Little Creek is like training with a team. Our community members motivate and inspire and help each other stay accountable as we pursue our fitness goals together. Plus, it’s just plain fun to workout with us!

You can. And you will.

Have fun, get fit, find your team.

 Our Facility

Located just 800 meters from the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay, CrossFit Little Creek’s facility is the perfect place to get in constantly varied workouts, to include swimming! Our facility has been designed and equipped to train in the various modalities espoused in the CrossFit methodology. From gymnastics exercises to Olympic weightlifting and metabolic conditioning (what we typically call "cardio"), we are loaded with all the premium gear we need to execute workouts that are never the same.

  • CFLC has had a tremendous impact on my life. Corey and Starr have created a culture where I feel comfortable discussing my own specific goals. CFLC is much more than just a gym; I have found a community to join with me in my fitness and nutritional objectives. Whether you’ve been working on your fitness for a long time or you’re trying to get started, I think CFLC is a great place to help someone take the next step.

    Cline Reasor

  • I have been weight training for the better part of a decade and while I've had success lifting in a conventional manner, I have made more progress in the last six months at CrossFit Little Creek than I have in years. All the coaches are knowledgeable and the programming can be tailored to those looking to compete or to those just looking to lose pounds.

    Julian Di Donato

  • I am doing and learning things I've never done in my life and actually anxious to get better at those things. I also LOVE the family and community aspects they introduce in their gym!

    Susan Wood